BLU Smartphones Tablet Free [BLU M8L Tablet]

Ever wondering how to get a free smartphone tablet free via BLU Products (American Brand)? BLU isn’t just a color; it stands for “Bold Like Us”, representing a Miami-based electronics brand that’s helping the world with their tech gadgets. Now, while they’re known for giving many international devices a touch of American flair, the result isn’t always light on the pocket. But imagine getting a Free BLU smartphones Tablet or a Free Government Tablet with EBT without spending a single dollar.

Getting a BLU Smartphones M8L Tablet Free is a great chance for those who are on a tight budget and can’t afford to buy an expensive cellphone or an iPad. For those who meet certain criteria, government programs like Lifeline and ACP can get an opportunity to avail a free government smartphone or a Free Government Tablet. Let me share my experience of getting a BLU Smartphone Tablet Free as at Free iPhones I have shared a whole method step by step in details.

List of BLU Smartphones Tablet Free

BLU Smartphones Tablet Free
BLU Smartphones Tablet Free

BLU has become more popular in the US recently as they providing Free Tablet with Phone. They have brought a lot of good-looking, easy-to-use, and cheap devices. Let’s look at what they have:

  • BLU F92e 5G (smartphone)
  • BLU N2 (smartphone)
  • BLU F91 5G (smartphone)
  • BLU G91 Max (smartphone)
  • BLU G91 Pro (smartphone)
  • BLU G91 (smartphone)
  • BLU G 90 PRO (smartphone)
  • BLU M8L 2022 (tablet)
  • BLU M8L Plus (tablet)

While you can easily buy these on BLU’s official website or at various retailers, there’s a hidden method of getting these BLU devices for free if you are on a tight budget and don’t have enough cash to purchase one.

How Can I Get BLU Smartphones Tablets Free?

Thinking about owning a BLU smartphones tablet Free, but the your budget won’t let you do that? Don’t worry, you’re not out of options as I’m going to share my experience on how you can get free BLU cellphone or blu smartphones m8l tablet free without paying anything:

  1. Government Assistance Programs: The Lifeline initiative and the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) can be a great option to choose. These government-backed programs often provide devices to those in need and can’t afford to buy such expensive devices.
  2. Charities or Non-Profit Organizations: Local organizations sometimes step up to aid low-income families. A quick call to such organization might reveal they’re offering BLU devices for free.
  3. Carrier/Retailer Promos: Some carriers or retailers throw in tempting deals, but there’s a catch. You might have to opt for a particular plan, trade in an older device, or commit for a longer period.
  4. Online Avenues: Contests, surveys, or even opportunities to be a reviewer can sometimes offer a free BLU device. However, tread with caution as the internet’s a wild place, and it’s essential to keep an eye out for scams.

While all these methods can lead to a free BLU device, government assistance often turns out to be the most straightforward and reliable route to obtain a free government cellphone tablet. Enjoy Free Tablet With Food Stamps with paying nothing to anyone.

Process of Getting BLU Smartphones Tablets Free

Interested in owning a BLU smartphone or tablet for free? Here’s a complete guide on how you can make that happen by following the procedure in a proper manner:


Before you can secure a BLU device for free, you need to meet certain criteria. The government offers these devices through two major programs: Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). Lifeline focuses mainly on phone discounts, whereas ACP emphasizes monthly broadband services and tablets. While Lifeline often dishes out phones at no cost, ACP might require a small fee (ranging from $10 to $50) for tablets. You’ll find the specific eligibility requirements a bit further down.

Getting Ready

To get started with the process, you need to gather essential official documents that let you meet the eligibility criteria. These documents are important as they determine if you qualify for the program or not. I will discuss the list documents you need in detail further down. You can also get a Techowl Free Tablet.

Picking the Right Provider

You’d be pleased to know that numerous wireless providers take part in both Lifeline and ACP. Now, if you’re aiming to get both a phone and tablet, ensure the provider caters to both. But if you’re interested on just one of the devices, you’ve got a huge list of providers to choose from.

If you are willing to get free government phones, you can ahead towards Lifeline provider and if tablets are what you’re after, ACP is the way to go. ACP don’t just provide tablets but you can also get free government laptop with ACP Laptop Providers.


Once you’ve selected your provider, it’s time to submit your online application for Blue Smartphone Tablet Free. But you need to know that some providers use the National Verifier to assess your eligibility, while others might not. To play it safe, it’s best to start with the National Verifier and then move onto your selected provider. Remember, the provider should operate in your home state, or else you might waste your time without getting anything for free.

Receive a Free Smartphone or Tablet

If all goes well, you’ll soon find yourself with a new BLU smartphones tablet Free. You know what some of those providers also offer free monthly phone or internet plans with unlimited talk time, messages and mobile data which is insane.

Eligibility for a BLU Free Smartphone Tablet

So, if you are ready to apply for a BLU smartphone or tablet, without spending any money of them, you need to fit the certain criteria which is mentioned by the different providers and programs. I have explained the eligibility into two different parts and the first one is income based eligibility and the second one is program based eligibility.

eligibility criteria

Income-Based Eligibility

Let’s start with your earnings:

  • Lifeline: If you’re gunning for Lifeline, your annual household income should not exceed 135% of the federal poverty guidelines.
  • ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program): As for ACP, your annual household earnings should be at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines.

Remember, the percentage varies based on where you live and the number of members in your household. You can also check How To Apply For A Free Tablet From The Government.

Program Participation-Based Eligibility

Now, if your ticket to a BLU device is through participation in other assistance schemes, here’s your checklist:

For Lifeline:

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (often called SNAP)
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Security Income (that’s SSI for short)
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (or FPHA)
  • Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit
  • A Tribal Assistance Program (specific to indigenous communities)

For ACP:

  • Lifeline (yep, it counts here too)
  • Any program that qualifies you for Lifeline (like the ones above)
  • Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC’s the acronym)
  • Free Lunch or Breakfast at school (because who doesn’t love a good meal!)
  • And if you’ve bagged a Federal Pell Grant this year, that’s a green signal too!

A Few More Points to Ponder

While the above criteria is already setup for BLU Smartphones Tablet Free, there are a couple of additional points you should note:

  • You’ve got to be 18 or above (but if you’re a minor who’s legally free from parental control, that works too).
  • You should be the sole applicant in your household, though some exceptions do apply.
  • Make sure you reside in a state where your chosen provider has its services.

Prove Your Eligibility for a Free BLUE Smartphone Tablet

Ever heard the saying, “Trust, but verify”? Well, that’s the government’s approach when it comes to handing out BLU smartphones Tablet Free. Sure, they’re willing to help, but they need to know you genuinely need it. Let’s break down how you can prove your eligibility. I recommend you to also checkout Best Free Government Phones.

Proof of Low Income

If you’re coming from the income eligibility route:

  • Tax Returns: Last year’s tax document is golden. It provides a comprehensive view of your annual earnings.
  • Pay Stubs: A couple of recent ones will do. It gives a snapshot of your current financial state.
  • Employer Statement: A letter or statement from your employer highlighting your current income.
  • Benefit Statements: If you’re receiving Social Security, Unemployment, or Workers’ Compensation, the benefit statement is your ticket.

Proving Program Participation

If you’re part of an assistance program:

  • Approval Letters: A letter that says “yes, you’re a beneficiary.”
  • Benefit Statements: Just like the income side of things, a statement showing you receive benefits works wonders.

Age and Emancipation Verification

For the young (and young at heart):

  • Valid ID or Passport: Something government-issued always hits the mark.
  • Birth Certificate: It’s as straightforward as it sounds!
  • Emancipation Documents: If you’re an emancipated minor, a certificate or court document will do.

Proof of Residence

To ensure you’re in the right territory:

  • Valid ID or Driver’s License: Most IDs have addresses. Super convenient, right?
  • Home Documents: Got a mortgage or lease statement? Perfect!
  • Utility Bills: Water, electricity, gas – any recent bill should do the trick.
  • Tax Return: Yup, it can prove where you live too.

Some Personal Touches

While submitting all this, the provider will need a bit more info to get to know you. They’ll ask for your full name, birthday, address, how best to reach you (phone or email), and sometimes even your Social Security Number.

Remember, it’s all about showing that you fit the criteria. A bit of paperwork upfront for a cool new BLU device? Sounds like a fair trade!

Top Companies for BLU Cellphones or Tablets

Navigating the world of free government-aided tech can be like finding a needle in a haystack, especially when you have your heart set on a particular brand like BLU. While many Lifeline/ACP providers play their cards close to their chest about specific models, some companies are renowned for their quality offerings and might just have the BLU device you’re dreaming of.

Companies that Offer Both BLU Smartphones Tablet Free:

  1. AirTalk Wireless: Known for their vast range of devices.
  2. Cintex Wireless: Trusted by many and offers both types of devices.
  3. Easy Wireless: Great customer service and a variety of options.
  4. Excess: More than just the basic, they pride themselves on quality.
  5. NewPhone Wireless: it is favorite for many because of its wide offerings.
  6. Q Link Wireless: Consistent and reliable in device offerings.
  7. StandUp Wireless: Standing up to the promise of quality devices.
  8. TruConnect: A name many vouch for when it comes to BLU devices.

Companies Focusing Mainly on BLU Smartphones:

  1. Assurance Wireless: Assurance by name and by nature!
  2. enTouch Wireless: They touch many lives with their smartphone offers.

If you have applied for a enTouch Wireless Free Smartphone, you can easily check your enTouch Wireless Application Status.

Those with an Eye for BLU Tablets:

  1. Go Technology Management: They’re all about the latest tablet tech.
  2. Maxsip Telecom: The go-to for many tablet enthusiasts.

Wondering if these companies operate near you? It’s simple! Head over to Universal Service, pop in your location, select the program, and hit Search. But remember, if your heart is set on BLU, don’t hesitate to give these companies a call.

Customer service representatives are your best friends in such quests. They might just have the inside scoop on whether BLU devices are available in your neck of the woods.

Application Process of BLU Smartphone / Tablet for Free

Ready to submit your online application to get a BLU smartphones tablet free from the government? Don’t worry as it’s easier than it feels like, and I’m here to guide you through the process, step by step.

Step 1: Begin with the National Verifier

Get start with your online application by heading toward the National Verifier’s platform. First-timers, set up your account with Lifeline or ACP, while the the one who already have an account, just log in. Navigate through the application, providing the needed details and documents. After hitting ‘submit’, keep an eye out for that approval notification.

Step 2: Engage with Your Chosen Provider

After complete step with National Verifier, now it’s time to write down your approval number and go to the website of the company you picked. Enter your ZIP code, choose a plan, and fill out their form. Use the approval number when they ask for it. Add your info, give them any papers they need, and wait to hear – “You got it!”

Benefits of BLU Smartphone/Tablet for Free

Wondering what’s in it for you when you get that free BLU smartphone or tablet from the government? Let’s find out the top benefits of getting a Blue Smartphone Tablet Free.

A Tech Upgrade Without the Price Tag!

Whether it’s the sleek BLU smartphone or their nifty tablet, you’re in for a treat. And if BLU isn’t available? You might just end up with a gem from brands like Samsung, LG, or Alcatel. A win-win, right?

Chat, Text, Browse – All on the House!

Say goodbye to running out of talk time or those dreaded “You’ve exhausted your data” messages. With free monthly talk minutes, texts, and data, you’re all set to stay connected.

Need Internet on the Go?

Some providers even throw in free monthly hotspot data. So, whether it’s a work-from-home day or a Netflix binge session at the park, you’re covered.

Reliable Connectivity, Always!

Most likely, you’ll be hitched to top-tier networks like AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon. That’s nationwide coverage, ensuring smooth calls and speedy internet, wherever you go!

Final Words

Hope this article helped you with getting BLU smartphones tablets Free through following the right steps. Check if you qualify, pick a company, and submit your free government phone or tablet online application. If approved, enjoy your new device without spending anything upfront.

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