Hello, I’m Sarah Mason, the CEO of Free iPhones where my core mission is to provide valuable information on obtaining free government iPhones, tablets, ACP laptops, and more for low-income families. I want to help people stay connected to the internet and access job opportunities. I’m here to guide you through the application process for these government programs and share my own experience of how I secured free government smartphones and tablets. Let’s work together to empower low earners with these valuable resources and opportunities. If you want to drop me an email, please visit Contact Us Page.

Securing free gadgets from the government can be challenging due to a lack of awareness. Many eligible individuals are unaware of these assistance programs and how to apply for them. Limited access to information and resources can make it difficult for those in need to take advantage of these opportunities. So that’s why my main moto is to rise awareness and provide guidance on the application process which can help bridge this knowledge gap and make these valuable resources more accessible to those who need them.

Sarah Mason
Social Worker & Experienced Child Care
Working Since 2017