How to Spy on iPhone Without Having the Phone?

iPhones are known for their safety measures. This is one of the major reasons is iPhones are preferred by the users despite its high cost.

It is not easy to hack iPhone devices, but some applications allow spying on an iPhone without the knowledge of the user. This is not an illegal act as there are many legitimate reasons as to why a person must spy on another user’s phone.

Why Spying on Children is Important?

Some parents stay away from their children who want to have an eye on their children’s activities. There are cases of extramarital affairs where the other person needs to use a spy app to check on the activities of the other person.

There are highly sophisticated applications that are available which allows for spying on the user without establishing direct contact with the mobile. Some applications allow for spying without even knowing the Apple username or password.

These are some of the applications that are high on demand by the managers or CEO of a company that helps them track the productivity of the employee. This is only done if the employees are filed with a lot of complaints.

Spying on an iPhone can be done even without jailbreaking. It is the process of making the warranty of the phone null. There are some basic features one needs to enable before the installation of the application. Also checkout How Do I Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to iOS.

There are options to spy on iPhone with just the number. When a multimedia text is sent to the number which contains a file attached in it for spying the entire device, when opened, the file gets activated.

How to choose the best spy software for an iPhone?

With applications overflowing in the app stores, it has become a difficult task to check for the best spy software available for an iPhone.

Spy on iPhone

While purchasing iPhone spy without access to target phone, you will come across various choices. These are some of the things to remember in mind to choose the best spy app.

  • Don’t fall into the trap of free updates

There are iPhone spy app free updates that pop up for zero cost. This might prove to be a big-time scam due to the improper functioning of the software. If the software is redundant, no one would want to go for an update.

  • Look for the authenticity of the creator

There is much software that swindles money from the user and leaves the user without any product in hand. As all this software gets activated only after payment, it becomes necessary to check for authenticity. This can be done by reading the reviews of the users on Google.

  • Look for the guarantee and payback options

If the software is ready to payback the user in case of any malfunctioning, then it is a sign that it is a trusted source.

  • Go for the highest-rated applications

As the data that is gathered by this software are highly sensitive and confidential, it becomes a necessity to choose a software that provides for top-notch security.

  • Check for the price and features coherence

It is never worth paying heavily for spyware which doesn’t provide enough features for the money paid. It is always recommended to check for the price worthiness before purchasing any spy app.

Using iCloud to spy on iPhone

iCloud is a feature that is available exclusively on the iPhone and iPad. This feature can be utilized to conduct any spying activity.

All the data is stored here, so you must get to access this feature on the iPhone before using the spy application.

The spy application need not be installed on the mobile phone of the target. If the target phone is already known, then it becomes easier to access. Like if it belongs to a parent or corporately owned. Also checkout How to Check Free Government iPhone Application.

Enable iCloud on iPhone

These are some of the steps to enable the iCloud backup of the iPhone:

  • Click on Settings option
  • The iCloud option must be chosen
  • The credentials of the apple product are to be entered and one must wait for a while for the authentication
  • Every feature must be toggled on except Keychain
  • Then Backup option must be chosen and then the iCloud backup option must be clicked

9Tracker monitoring app

9Tracker is very easy to use and even more easy to install. The search for how to spy on the iPhone without having the phone will result in showing 9Tracker as the first option.

If you follow the given steps, then it becomes very easy to use the application for spying. A 9Tracker Premium license must be bought for you to access your own portal account.

Using 9Tracker Premium license

These are some of the steps that need to be followed while using the premium license.

  • There are about 50 features like inbox checking, call log, browsing history, etc., All these can be used for your monitoring requirements.
  • A proper mail ID must be provided. The credentials will be sent to this mail ID after proper registration.
  • The pricing of the 9Tracker Premium license can be obtained according to one’s needs and duration of usage.
  • After successful registering, one can log on to the website of 9Tracker with the credentials to have a look at the major features.
  • The Help Menu has the documentation and other manuals for the user to make use of. The Account Menu will have the details regarding the user details and validity of the license.

Installing 9Tracker on the target phone

There are some steps that you need to follow to install 9Tracker. Some settings need to be enabled before the 9Tracker application can be installed on the target phone.

  • Tap on the Cydia icon on the iPhone.
  • Inside Cydia icon, tap on Source.
  • Select Edit, then tap on Add.
  • A dialog box appears, enter this link Tap on Add Source.
  • Select Return to Cydia.
  • Under the sources list, the new link created appears.
  • Tap on Utilities and choose System Core
  • InstallConfirm and Restart SpringBoard
  • After restarting, the activation screen appears.
  • The license key should be entered, then tap OK.
  • Tap YES and then tap NO.
  • Click on Configure and then alter the icon visibility option.
  • Press the Home button to exit from the software.

Once the application is installed, it can be monitored from the account portal. When the data is being transferred for the first time, it takes some time, and the phone needs to have a proper internet connection.

Features of 9Tracker

There are plenty of features available for 9Tracker. The various features can be grouped under some common heading.


  • The call log can be monitored by the target phone.
  • The Voice Over Internet Protocol logs the calls over the internet.
  • All the contact information can be obtained from the contacts of the target phone.
  • The Facetime calls can be monitored by making some secret calls.
  • The Voice over Internet Protocol calls can be recorded.
  • The Ambience of the target phone can be recorded.


  • All the SMS, MMS, iMessages and the emails sent and received over the target phone can be monitored.

IM Chats

  • Read all chats and calls from Facebook messenger and checks on the Facebook app.
  • All the messages, calls, files and images sent over WhatsApp can be read.
  • All the conversation call made on Skype can be recorded.
  • All the messages, calls and data shared over Viber can be recorded and monitored.
  • All the incoming and outgoing Line messages can be read.
  • All the messages sent and received via WeChat can be read.
  • All the messages sent or received via Instagram and the photos uploaded can also be recorded.
  • All the messages sent or received via Tinder can be recorded.
  • All the incoming and outgoing Telegram conversations can be recorded.
  • All the incoming and outgoing Google Hangouts messages can be recorded.
  • All the messages sent or received via the Kik Messenger can be recorded.
  • All the messages sent via Hike can be recorded and monitored.

Location Tracking

  • The current location of the target can be tracked by the GPS Tracker.
  • The target’s location history can be kept in check via Location Tracking.

Internet Activity

  • The date of the visit of a certain website can be monitored and the browsing history can be recorded.
  • All the websites bookmarked are made a note of.
  • The connections established via the mobile phone is tracked.

 Media Files

  • All the photos sent and received can be viewed and downloaded.
  • All the videos sent and received can be viewed and downloaded.
  • All the audio files sent and received can be viewed and downloaded.


  • All the applications installed and downloaded by the user can be viewed.
  • All the usage activity of the application can be viewed.
  • Screenshots of the usage of the application are taken regularly to track the usage of the application.
  • The calendar updates are constantly recorded.
  • The battery level of the phone can also be monitored.
  • Every note taken on the phone can be read and downloaded.

  Data Capture

  • Any data which is being entered into any application can be recorded.
  • The camera of the device can be monitored remotely to take charge of the photos being taken or videos being recorded.


  • Whenever the SIM card is changed on the target device, the alert can be sent.
  • Whenever the target is in contact with some number overcall, then the Caller ID can be recorded and monitored.
  • Whenever a Keyword being looked out for is captured by the user, then alerts can be created.

  Stay Hidden

  • The invisibility option when used can even hide the software from the screen of the device.
  • The rooting evidence can be cleared off completely.
  • Hiding of Cydia and any kind of jailbreak can be done using this application.
  • Remote Control of all the operations via the dashboard option of the software is possible.
  • Remotely SMS can be sent to the target phone.
  • Remotely the target phone can be restarted.
  • The 9Tracker can be remotely deactivated that stops the software from uploading all the information.
  • The software can be remotely uninstalled or updated as well.


  • 9Tracker is one of the easiest to install applications.
  • The data can be encrypted end to end to provide better security features.
  • The software can be renewed anytime after the purchase.

Other apps to spy on iPhone

This is a not so exhaustive list of applications that are used for spying without coming into direct contact with the user’s phone. Sometimes, installing the application on the user’s phone is required, sometimes, it is not required.

1. GPS Phone Tracker

GPS Phone Tracker is another good quality spying software that is available on the Play Store. The location of the user can be tracked even if he/she is at 10 meters to any number of distances apart.

This is one of the most highly used spy software by companies who don’t want to spend a lot of spy software but at the same time, monitor a large number of employees.

This software is just not available for iPhones, it works well on the Android platform also. The phone tracker is another best spyware for iPhone without access to the target phone.

2. SpyVid

This is one of the best spying software designed to track videos of the target. One can carry on with their regular activity with the videos of the target being recorded on one side. This doesn’t hamper the working of the device in any way.

3. Nexspy

Nexspy is one of the spy apps that provides you with the guarantee of money back within 10 days. This software comes with a lot of good inbuilt features as well.

These are some of the best spy software available for iPhones. Install one of these apps to enjoy the best of service.

By taking into account, the tips mentioned for buying the best spyware, the software suggested above falls in line with the requirements.

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